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Rejuvenating Bath Process –

What You Need To Pre-Prepare:

1. Clean you bathroom

For lots of reasons.  This will symbolically cleanse stagnant or slow moving energy from the room.  It will psychologically keep your mind from obsessing about the dirt, and allow you to fully relax.

2. Secure Your Potion

In recent months, my experiences with aromatherapy oils have made me a BIG believer.   For this project, the oils will absorb into your skin – having a direct therapeutic effect, and you will also inhale them from the steam.  This will create vibrational changes in your brain and energy body, helping your mind to let go, and helping the subconscious to re-write new programming. It will make you more relaxed, open and free.  If you are not sure what to use, I recommend the ‘Purification Blend’ from Young Living, or ask your aromatherapist to create you a renewal blend.  I use a custom blend containing: Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca, Lavender and Myrtle.

The Process:

1.  Charge Your Space

Light a minimum of three candles, and place them around your tub.  All proper ceremonies use candles around the perimeter as this prevents negative energy, or loose spirits from entering the space.  You then want to visualize a warm golden glow that expands out of your chest and envelops the bathroom in gold bubble.  From this point on, do your best to only bring positive thoughts into the space.  If it matches with your beliefs say a prayer, or mentally project your intention to strip away everything that is not useful to you – you are going to cleanse your mind body and spirit.

2. Fill Your Tub

You can start this as you are charging your space if your water needs a long time to run.  Add a heavy dose of epsom salts, and several drops of your oils to the water.  (You can order essential oils from your local Young Living Rep, purchase them from a health food store, or get some from your local aromatherapist.  I recommend Young Living’s Purification Blend for this purpose, my aromatherapist made me a custom blend containing Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca, Lavender and Myrtle.  So you can use that as a guide if you are going to mix your own – if you are on a budget – go for Eucalyptus or Lavender.) My aromatherapist also hooked me up with some pink Himalayan Sea Salts and I used this as well- it was magical!)   You can add bubbles if you like, but I don’t for this, as I really want to focus on the cleansing and the therapeutic ingredients.

3.  Add Some More Frequency

If you have a meditation that you like, you can play it aloud in a cd player or on your iphone.  I STRONGLY recommend going onto YouTube and playing songs or a meditation in 432hz.  (If you search it, it will come up right away.)  This music is specially tuned to vibrate with the natural frequency of the earth.  (Some popular Coldplay, Beatles tunes and Adele songs have been re-recorded at this frequency.  It will only sound different to the highly trained ear, but you will FEEL a difference very quickly.)  This will create a vibration that will resonate with your bathwater and further help you to renew.  Otherwise, if you have been working with a meditation specialist, hypnotist or life coach that has given you a recording of personal affirmations, or custom meditation, then this is the perfect time to listen to this.  As a final additional step, once you are in the water, loudly HUM the OOOOUUUUUMMMM sound. This is an ancient, cleansing vibration.  If you can not be shy and really hum this loud and proud, you will find at some point that your head starts to throb with the vibration thats when you know you have it right – your bath will likely echo a bit too for great effect.  This will ripple through the water and surround you for your entire bath.


The time that you spend in the bath at this stage is important.  By charging the space, playing frequencies into the water and using the oils, you have created a very vibrationally positive space.  As you are soaking all of this in, try not to think so much.  Just exist in the water.  If you cannot NOT think, focus on the positive traits you are going to practice moving forward.  Say affirmations to yourself, think of people you love, and just FEEl great.  If negative thoughts do pop up, envision them floating off your skin like dirt into the water, leaving you clean and light.

5.  Sink the Old You Down The Drain

When you’re ready to get out, pull the plug while you are still in the tub.  Sit for a moment as the water swirls down the drain, and envision all those negative thoughts, heaviness and fatigue going down the drain.  Step out of the tub as a whole you.

Final Tip

When you are doing this exercise, you want to engage every one of your sense – sight, smell, texture, sound – even taste (eat some fresh organic strawberries!) in positivity and light.  The more vividly you can visualize and state your intent, the more powerful this process will be.  I do this specifically on my birthday, and New Years, because it helps me feel like I’m starting over.

If you have any great tips to add, let us know below in the comments section!


Book Club Announcement! Tue, 29 Oct 2013 02:28:15 +0000 We are pleased to announce the first meeting of our soon to be monthly book club!  Holistic Event Network is looking for all interested parties who would like to join us on Nov. 15th @ 7:00pm to select a book for the month!

We’ll be choosing books from the spiritual/holistic/wellness/self-help realm and looking for people who like to laugh, share, connect and have a great time out with each other.  Bring a friend!

The Agenda

  • Meet One Another
  • Decide on a Meeting Place
  • Choose A Book!

The Location

Coffee Culture  ~ Friday, Nov. 15th @ 7:00pm

1525 Dundas St E  Whitby, ON L1N 2K6
(905) 666-2234

Is A Revolution on The Way? Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:36:30 +0000 Russell Brand’s latest interview is circulating the web right now at a frantic pace.  But its not because the British comedian has made a gaffe or outrageously inappropriate comment.  Rather, the charismatic social commentator (who once admitted that as a child he thought he might be Jesus returned,) has said out loud what we all already knew.  With great confidence and positivity, Brand announced that the system is dead.  That government as we know it has stalled and can never be reformed back to a place that serves the people.  He announced that a revolution was coming.  Like the first few passengers who realize a ship is sinking, there are growing numbers of people who are ‘checking out’ of the current system.  Whether its young people who have stopped voting, or middle aged women who have sold everything and moved into a caravan, or the growing communities that are returning to farming and creating systems of barter and trade; some of us know the gig is up!  While what Brand says isn’t new, his conviction and fearlessness in welcoming the sweeping change is inspiring!  If you haven’t seen this video yet, I recommend every single second of it!  Like one of the first leaves to fall in autumn, could this be an indicator of the change to come?

YouTube Video

Infographic: This is Your Body On Yoga Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:01:42 +0000 More than 20 million Americans now practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study, and the results are paying off!  This infographic illustrates the changes that occur in the body from 1 hr, to 3 years after beginning a yoga practice!  Providing yet more evidence of the benefits of yoga on overall health and wellbeing.

Your Body On Yoga

Homeopathy For Survival Situations Mon, 28 Oct 2013 16:40:37 +0000 Homeopathy is a very effective form of holistic medicine.  While it is wonderful at keeping the body healthy, some of its remedies have shown amazing effects in acute or emergency situations.

In this 3 hr. workshop, Homeopath Joel Jeans will be introducing you to homeopathic medicine and its ability to heal the body – even in extreme circumstances.  He will be covering specific remedies for afflictions such as:

  • Concussions
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Nerve Gas/ Tear Gas
  • Radiation
  • Shock/Panic/Anxiety
  • Pain & More

If you are interested in Survival Training or Disaster Preparedness, Homeopathic remedies have a LOT to offer to your stock pile, go-bag or first aid kit.  For example, they are:

  • Extremely light weight
  • Easy to administer
  • Inexpensive
  • Have a very long shelf life
  • Can be purchased without a prescription
  • Are safe for use on adults and children
  • Are VERY effective!

You can greatly increase your chances of survival, by learning how homeopathy can save lives when Drs are not available.  This is a knowledge intensive program, with sample kits available, and larger kits available for order if you are interested.

Don’t miss this opportunity to educate yourself!  Sign Up & reserve Your Spot Today!  For More Information, See poster below.

Disaster Prep Course

Wednesday, November 20th @ 7:00pm -10:00pm

Clarington’s Wellness Path – Seminar Room

103 King St. E. Bowmanville, Ont.

905.623.9232 or

Email For More Info


A Disturbing Message Across Time & Culture Sun, 13 Oct 2013 17:15:57 +0000 The United States Department of Energy is currently designing a project in the desert of New Mexico.  It’s a dump site where they plan to dump and store over 500,000 barrels of radio active waste.  The waste is being drilled 1/3 of a mile down into a “geophysical-inert thick salt formation”.  This waste will be considered dangerous for up to 10,000 years.

One of the few positives to come out of this story is the fact that the government has done extensive research to try and design a specific architecture around the site.  The purpose of the design is to warn future generations and cultures that the site is dangerous and should not be disturbed.  10,000 years is a long time to wait, and at least the designers of the project have accepted that they don’t know what could happen between now and then.  They wanted to leave behind a timeless message that a band of humans coming across in the future would understand and stay away from – regardless of massive language or cultural changes.

In trying to go beyond written language, there has been interesting work done in the understanding of archetypes and how humans feel about their surroundings.  In a newsletter article titled: “An Architecture of Peril” requirements and suggestions have been laid out for creating a landscape that will warn people away from the certain doom that would await them if they were to disturb the site.

I highly recommend reading the full article.  It made me think of the messages that ancient cultures might have left for us, and our own efficacy in interpreting them.  But I was also intrigued by the recommendations and whether or not I thought an ancient culture would be able to figure it out.  For example, the article recommends obviously that nothing with moving parts will endure, and that metal may be scavenged for future uses. spike fieldAll the components of the site must be able to last for thousands of years with no maintenance.  Other recommendations however are more reflective like the one requiring that “Forms should avoid “perfection.” Historically, cultures have used the perfect or “ideal” geomet­ric forms in places that embody their highest aspira­tions and ideals. Our designs seek irregu­larity and broken geometries”.

Here is a sample sketch of what the topography of the site might look like.  It is certainly creepy. While it may be effective in deterring future cultures from disturbing the site, it is unfortunate that this may be one of the few architectures that survive us.  It leaves a very disturbing and uncomfortable legacy of our time here.  And in a sad way, that might be the most accurate message we could convey.

If you would like to read the entire article you can view it here.




Bee Pollen – A New Super Food Mon, 07 Oct 2013 03:56:59 +0000 Bee Pollen is the newest holistic super food to baffle scientists and nutritionists alike.  Bee pollen is NOT a by-product of honey.  Rather, while bees fly around collecting nectar, they simultaneously collect flower pollen in ‘pockets’ on their back legs and feed it to the baby bees back at the hive.  These nuggets of compressed flower pollen can be collected by bee keepers and are an incredibly rich source of nutrients.  In fact, many people calling it ‘nature’s most complete food’.  At 40% protein, bee pollen has more protein than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight, and is also the richest known source of rutin.  Its also full of free amino acids and vitamins.

This is a jar of bee pollen I found for sale at The Lauriam Tea House in Bowmanville.  This jar is about $22.

This is a jar of bee pollen I found for sale at The Lauriam Tea House in Bowmanville. This jar is about $22.

There is also an undiscovered ‘magic’ to this superfood.  Scientists have created bee pollen ‘simulations’ containing all the nutrients and amino acids present in the natural bee pollen – and yet when this was fed to bees they slowly died.  So there is something present in the natural bee pollen that science has yet to quantify.  This idea appeals to people who have been placing a lot of health claims on the little food.  Bee Pollen is currently being used by some cancer patients who claim that the bee pollen has increased their immune system, allowed them to maintain weight and appetite during chemo therapy as well as avoid some of the worst side effects of that treatment.  While this has yet to be confirmed through formal scientific channels, one study has been done which found a dramatic decrease in tumours in prone mice who were fed the pollen.  (See this link to read about some of those studies.)  There are additional claims of bee pollen being effective in managing addictions, and improving allergies.


It takes each bee about a month to collect a full pellet, with each pellet containing hundreds of thousands of grains of pollen.

Bee Pollen isn’t inexpensive.  It takes each bee about a month to collect only a teaspoon of the pollen nuggets and so a large jam jar will cost you anywhere from $25-$30.  However this is less expensive than many good vitamin and mineral supplements – and at only a teaspoon a day needed to supplement the standard diet – this seems pretty reasonable to me!  You can purchase it dried – which gives its texture a very thick chalkiness, or try it frozen in which case it melts softly on the tongue with a light honey aftertaste that is quite delightful.  I would take it straight myself, though the lady that introduced it to me claims she has a teaspoon of it on yogurt every morning.

You can purchase bee pollen from your local bee keeper, though I’ve found it locally at the Lauriam Tea House in Bowmanville.  If you are looking for a truly holistic alternative to a vitamin and mineral supplement, this might be the solution you are looking for.  Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve every tried bee pollen and what your thoughts were!  We’d love to hear where you’re buying it too!

Tiny House Movement – The Option You Didn’t Realize You Had! Mon, 09 Sep 2013 17:09:14 +0000 Over the past few weeks I have been captivated by the tiny house movement.  The timing is right for this little trend to make a BIG impact.  Tiny homes are small dwellings – usually under 500 sq. feet.  Super small and VERY cute, these homes offer a seductive alternative to the large McMansions that have become the norm.  The allure of the tiny homes is the freedom that they can offer.  Building your own tiny home means a total investment of anywhere from 25-85k depending on your personal skill set. This means that many previous property owners have been able to downsize into these charming little homes and completely eliminate their mortgage.  In addition to freeing up debt and monthly cash flow, tiny homes also inspire the liberation that comes from aggressively editing your belongings.  People who have transitioned into a tiny home report a complete life change in terms of gaining peace, relaxation and simplicity.

Tiny Homes have all the curb appeal of a larger home, at the price of a small trailer.

Tiny Homes have all the curb appeal of a larger home, at the price of a small trailer.

Tiny homes solve a myriad of current problems.  First of all, they are a cheap and yet still very attractive option for home ownership.  They cost no more than your average trailer park home and yet these dwellings manage to maintain all the class and charm of a tiny cottage.  The small footprint has allowed these homes to dodge many building permit and zoning laws – with many designs able fit comfortably in a backyard without damaging property values.  This makes them a fantastic guest house or living arrangement for aging parents who seek independence but still need to be close by.    They are also a sensible option for people working from home to have an office separate from the house – yet still ‘at home’.  Their small size makes them a quick build and a very economical and sustainable living arrangement.

As this trend builds, the internet is filling up with new businesses offering to design and construct the tiny homes.  There is also a growing selection of furniture and appliances that are specifically designed for these small spaces, making sure that every square foot is used economically.  Tiny house communities are also springing up as more cities are altering by-law restrictions to welcome them.

Tiny homes do face some criticism.  There are many who fear that their small size and subsequent low cost will effect the property values of neighbouring homes.  And of course their limited space means they are not appropriate for all families.  But those who have made the transition say that they do not feel they have made a sacrifice.  With their square footage equalling that of many downtown Toronto Condos, the tiny homes are simply a reminder that many of us are living wildly beyond out means unnecessarily.

I’m going to dig deeper into this tiny home movement in future posts.  In the meantime, if you are interested, I highly recommend visiting Tumbleweed Houses to look at some of their floor plans and finished models.  You can also type ‘tiny house’ into Youtube or Pinterest to see some of the most popular videos and images of this economically friendly trend.  I’m also going to include below a slideshow with some of my favourite examples of tiny living so hopefully you will catch the bug too!

Local Shamanic Healer Writes Children’s Book – Luminous Mountain Mon, 09 Sep 2013 15:50:09 +0000 A beautiful book for introducing spiritual concepts to children. 

Marcela Grant is a Munay-ki and Shaman Healer in the Ajax area.  She has recently written her first children’s book called Luminous Mountain.  The book is about a young boy who “loses” his mother, and must embark on a journey to find her.  During the different stages of his journey, he meets his power animals who teach him lessons for life, maturity and character development.

This is a wonderful book for exposing children to spiritual concepts.  It creates an awareness that life’s challenges are opportunities for growth.  I shared this story with my daughter who is 9 years old, and it was very good timing because they were learning about “symbolism” at school.  This book was a great way for her to practice interpreting the themes of the book and what they meant.  It was pretty insightful for me to see how she thought and what she took away from it!

She felt like the book was telling her that we don’t just learn facts and problem solving (the information she gets at school,) but we also have to learn how to become a “grown up”.  She also explained to me that we can learn outside of school too, by thinking about the things that happen to us in the world.  Not bad for a grade 3!

The book was also a great platform for us to talk about independence, and what kind of “journey” we might each be on.  (A great discussion!)  My daughter loved the pictures in the book which are bright and beautiful, and talking animals was right up her alley!  Her only criticism was that the main character should have been a girl.  (LOL!)

Marcela Grant

Local Author & Shamanic Healer Marcela Grant

Mrs. Grant is a skilled shaman healer and explains that there is strong magic actually written into the language of the book, and that it can have a healing effect on people.  I know that the time I spent with my daughter reading the book and talking about it was very rewarding, and both of us had warm “glowy” feelings after reading it.  It was obvious to me though how the story, the animals and the lessons presented in the book, could really open up a child’s awareness.  I think it provides an opportunity for self-reflection that most children’s books would not attempt, and I liked this.

If you would like to get a better taste for the story and the beautiful illustrations, there is a short trailer at the end of this post.  I would recommend the book for kids age 7+.  My daughter is fairly mature for her age, and was able to handle the content as well as the length of the story, (which we had to read in two sessions,) but I think 7+ and up would probably be fine.  If you would like to purchase the book, (and support a local author,) you can follow this link to do so.  For a real treat, you can find out more about Shaman Healing and Munay-Ki at Marcela’s website:


Video Below

YouTube Video

Get More JUICE From Life! Wed, 07 Aug 2013 19:19:31 +0000 W hy are we here?  Most people personalize this question – curious about their mission in this life.  What goal are we to achieve?  What is my purpose?  The question can just as easily be applied to humanity as a whole.  Where do we fit in the grand scheme of the Universe?  What are we ALL here for?  Well, there is an answer to both those questions, and its beautiful.

Human beings play an essential, grand  purpose that no other being on the planet is able to perform.  It’s what we were sent here for.  In fact, if you are NOT performing this duty – you are likely suffering either openly or secretly from dissatisfaction, depression or a dangerously deep sense of apathy for life.  This purpose is so coded into your DNA, there is no way to escape its call without denying your very self…

earthImagine that the earth in its totality is surrounded by a bright golden glow.  A consciousness if you will.  Its full of potential – sizzling with energies.  But all of this potential is trapped in a chaotic and intangible form.  We can’t see it or touch it.  It does not exist as anything ‘real’, and cannot be perceived by the senses.  A human being acts like an antenna – allowing this field of potential to enter their mind, be conceptualized by their brain, and then brought into physicality. We are the only living things who are capable of bringing the etherial – inspiration, spirit, magic, source – whatever you like to call it – into physicality.

We do this through almost any form of creativity.  Architecture, music, dance, gardening – whenever we take thoughts from our mind and CREATE we are acting as a conduit – providing an opportunity for that potential energy to crystalize into our reality and manifest.  When any religion refers to the Godliness within man – this is one of the features they are talking about.  Our ability to take an invisible thought, and bring it into realness.

Any human who is not participating in this process will experience a growing tension and sense of anxiety.  This is easy to witness around you.  As more people have fallen into the routines of their job, or the details of their family life, there is little room for creative expression.  Over time these very people are the ones who will begin to feel a lack of purpose, boredom with life, or a pervasive sense of anxiety.

inspiredThe chaotic and creative energy around the earth wants to become real.  It is driven to manifest, and can only do so through a human form of expression – so it will compress around you creating that tension that many people are feeling without quite knowing why.  This tension can be released as you find new ways to bring it into physicality – start painting, playing an instrument, writing poetry.  All you have to do is access a feeling or vision in your mind, and find your own way to bring it into reality.  Re-arranging your living room or closet and other small tasks will work for a quick fix –  though for a more sustainable feeling of fulfillment I do recommend finding a specific area or art form where you can build skill.  (For more on this you can see my post regarding the Rise of the Natural Arts.)

There are many people who are caught up in the spin of life: Working frantically to be able to purchase things, to keep up with our neighbours, and to entertain ourselves.  The people caught up in this spin are often the same people who will claim that they do not have TIME to take on a creative “hobby”.  I would like to suggest a moment of self exploration.  It is likely that the race to purchase, consume and compete is usually at some level an attempt to fill a void.  But this lifestyle does not fill any holes permanently, rather it tends to keep you too busy to notice the gap.  Consumerism, and competition will not remove the root cause of the anxiety, and whenever you stop or slow down, the void will become noticeable. Again, I would suggest that a de-cluttering of your lifestyle might afford you opportunities to reinvest your resources into projects that will offer a more sustainable and satisfying return.  A blocked flow of creativity can be directly related to feelings of chronic anxiety and depression.

Human beings must serve their purpose as a conduit between the world of inspiration and physical reality.  As you become more aware of this process, you will see it operating around you everywhere, and where you see it, you will find fulfilled and joyful people.  Seek out others who are also pulling the intangible into reality as working in groups can amplify this effect.  Celebrate your ability and create, create, create!