Event Promotion

We know that one of the greatest challenges facing holistic practitioners these days is filling your events.  The Holistic Event Network is here to help.

We can help you to fill up your next workshop or seminar by:

  • Professionally created posters
  • Finding great spaces for rent
  • Promotion of Your Event in our Online Magazine, Facebook, Meetup.com accounts and more!
  • Including Your Event on Our Calendar
  • Sharing Your Event with our Growing Email List!

We can help you spread the word!

These are all posters created by Holistic Event Network Staff! Posters are created in a PDF format and in a .png file meaning you can print them, email them, and Share them on Facebook or a personal blog site!


Our Event Promotional Packages are highly flexible – we realize that small workshops do not have big budgets.  In cases like this we commonly negotiate per hr rates or commissions for each additional person who joins your program!

The object of the game is always to bring more people into the holistic community, and to help practitioners and small businesses grow!

For the best results, we recommend working with The Holistic Event Network EARLY, so that we can help promote you BEFORE your next event!