Meetup: Working With Wellness Centres

Nov 17, 12 Meetup: Working With Wellness Centres

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WHEN IS IT WORTH THE EXPENSE TO RENT??? If you are a holistic practitioner who is just starting out, you are probably deciding whether you should work from a home office or rent space.  Wellness Centres can provide valuable services and opportunities to their renters, but there will also be expectations for YOU as well. There are so many places out there, what should you expect to pay and what kinds of services should you get for your money?? At this Meetup, we will be providing a list of all of the Wellness Centres in the area, along with the expected rates and services that each provide.  Whether you are renting a practitioners room, or looking for space for your workshop, we will have the information there!! We welcome experienced practitioners to come out and help this group by sharing some of their experiences, and stories and to rate and review the places available in town. This Meetup will offer valuable information as well as strong pros and cons for the different choices to help you make the decision that is right for you! IF YOU ARE OFFERING SPACE FOR RENT, PLEASE CONTACT US AHEAD OF TIME TO BE INCLUDED OUR HANDOUTS! Because we had to RENT space for this meeting, we will request a donation in the range of $5-$10 to cover the expense of the space and for the handouts.  This is a donation only, and we will welcome...

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