Infographic: This is Your Body On Yoga

Oct 28, 13 Infographic: This is Your Body On Yoga

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More than 20 million Americans now practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study, and the results are paying off!  This infographic illustrates the changes that occur in the body from 1 hr, to 3 years after beginning a yoga practice!  Providing yet more evidence of the benefits of yoga on overall health and...

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Wendy’s Gentle Yoga

Jan 24, 13 Wendy’s Gentle Yoga

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With over a decade of personal practice, Wendy decided to leave the corporate world and focus on her passion to help others through her personal experience and extensive yoga training. Wendy came to yoga as a result of a chronic pain related illness. Fibromyalgia is an arthritis related condition characterized by chronic muscular pain and stiffness, aches, soft tissue tenderness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, cognitive impairment, general fatigue, disturbed sleep and more. It affects almost 12 million people in the US and Canada alone. It affects mainly women between the ages of 30 to 50, but many men have the condition too. Yoga has been a wonderful tool in Wendy’s recovery process and she is excited to be able to bring her real life experiences and knowledge to her classes. Classes will be Hatha based with great emphasis on breath and alignment. Her style incorporates gentle and restorative sequences to reawaken the connective pathways. Small classes and the use of many wonderful props will allow all postures to be accessible to everyone. Wendy is dedicated to bring movement with ease and all the benefits of a regular yoga practice to her classes. CONTACT INFO Phone: (905) 448-2215 Email: Follow Wendy On Facebook!...

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Wellness Path

Nov 26, 12 Wellness Path

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LOCATION: 103 King St. E. Bowmanville   Clarington’s Wellness Path is now offering Yoga classes.  Located in a Century old building, The Wellness Path offers loads of character and charm along with its Beginner, Flow, Restorative, and ‘Fire & Water’ classes!  Intimate groups are its speciality with most classes capping at 8 participants.  This means you get lots of instructor time and space to relax at your own pace. After your yoga class, feel free to enjoy their infrared sauna or see an Registered Massage Therapist for a Hot Stone Massage.  ...

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Glow Yoga Studio

Nov 26, 12 Glow Yoga Studio

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LOCATION: 4535 Coronation Rd. Whitby Glow Yoga offers more than just yoga classes in a studio. We offer the most relaxing yoga experience in the Durham Region. Our yoga studio was built in 2010 and is located in Whitby just minutes from Pickering, Ajax and Oshawa. Imagine listening to the peaceful sound of crickets as you slip into savasana..this is Glow Yoga, the most unique studio in Durham offering a diverse selection of yoga classes and energy healing services. Our classes range from Beginner Yoga programs, Yoga Bootcamps and our very own original ‘Body Glow’ classes, a unique blend of fitness and yoga. Our philosophy is simple; everyone can do yoga! We believe that everyone can benefit from this ancient discipline, and at our studio we are able to provide not only great instruction but a personal touch as well. All of our classes are designed to be vibrant and flowing and accessible to everyone. We invite you to come and experience the warmth and tranquility of our studio. Replenish and recharge your mind, body and soul! Don’t let your yoga practice become stale. Change your practice, change your life! View Our Class...

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Annemarie’s Yoga

Nov 18, 12 Annemarie’s Yoga

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924 William Booth Cr. Oshawa, On Annemarie’s Yoga Studio can be found in the heart of Durham Region, and provides a warm, intimate setting and supportive environment in which to explore your yoga practice.  Her small class sizes offer individual attention, adaption of asanas (poses) for all levels and are appropriate for all ages, body types and fitness levels. In addition to her standard yoga practice, Annemarie also offers occasional Yoga Nidra classes, which are a unique experience in our area.  The practice of Yoga Nidra takes you into a deep state of relaxation while maintaining consciousness.  This allows your deepest levels of creativity and healing energies to come to the surface!  Practitioners emerge feeling rejuvenated, with one session of Yoga Nidra equal to approximately 3 hours of (fantastic) sleep!  This is a highly sought after class with limited space! Annemarie also offers unique women’s ‘waterfall yoga retreats’ from June to September in beautiful Bracebridge, and is a writer for the Holistic Event Network Blog! Read Her Article Annemarie’s Yoga Go On Retreat!...

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Eternal Hot Yoga

Nov 17, 12 Eternal Hot Yoga

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493 Bond St. W. Oshawa 905 999 9345 Eternal Hot Yoga is Oshawa’s most popular Hot Yoga Studio.  Try your yoga routine in a dry heat of 100f and work up a sweat!  Its challenging, invigorating and a natural detox.  Take your yoga to the next level! Eternal’s yoga classes are tailored to all level practitioners, beginner to advanced!   Move to the capability of your bodies own pace. There are always modifications and fun poses to work towards while learning alignment. Watch your physical and mental self grow strong as we’ve created an environment that is limitless. There are no labels – our style is “Free” smart, creative expression straight from the soul of every teacher. Visit Their...

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