Infographic: This is Your Body On Yoga

Oct 28, 13 Infographic: This is Your Body On Yoga

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More than 20 million Americans now practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study, and the results are paying off!  This infographic illustrates the changes that occur in the body from 1 hr, to 3 years after beginning a yoga practice!  Providing yet more evidence of the benefits of yoga on overall health and...

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Bee Pollen – A New Super Food

Oct 06, 13 Bee Pollen – A New Super Food

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Bee Pollen is the newest holistic super food to baffle scientists and nutritionists alike.  Bee pollen is NOT a by-product of honey.  Rather, while bees fly around collecting nectar, they simultaneously collect flower pollen in ‘pockets’ on their back legs and feed it to the baby bees back at the hive.  These nuggets of compressed flower pollen can be collected by bee keepers and are an incredibly rich source of nutrients.  In fact, many people calling it ‘nature’s most complete food’.  At 40% protein, bee pollen has more protein than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight, and is also the richest known source of rutin.  Its also full of free amino acids and vitamins. There is also an undiscovered ‘magic’ to this superfood.  Scientists have created bee pollen ‘simulations’ containing all the nutrients and amino acids present in the natural bee pollen – and yet when this was fed to bees they slowly died.  So there is something present in the natural bee pollen that science has yet to quantify.  This idea appeals to people who have been placing a lot of health claims on the little food.  Bee Pollen is currently being used by some cancer patients who claim that the bee pollen has increased their immune system, allowed them to maintain weight and appetite during chemo therapy as well as avoid some of the worst side effects of that treatment.  While this has yet to be confirmed through formal scientific channels, one study has been done which found a dramatic decrease in tumours in prone mice who were fed the pollen.  (See this link to read about some of those studies.)  There are additional claims of bee pollen being effective in managing addictions, and improving allergies. Bee Pollen isn’t inexpensive.  It takes each bee about a month to collect only a teaspoon of the pollen nuggets and so a large jam jar will cost you anywhere from $25-$30.  However this is less expensive than many good vitamin and mineral supplements –...

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Parents Share Their Autism Story At Holistic Approaches Seminar

Jul 08, 13 Parents Share Their Autism Story At Holistic Approaches Seminar

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John and Anna Van Dyk are parents of a young son with Autism.  During this spring’s Seminar: Holistic Approaches: Autism, they shared their personal story – which you can watch below.  I highly recommend watching it, as their experiences seeking ‘help’ for their child, beautifully reflected many of the themes that emerged during the seminar. When many health and wellness practitioners work with patients, they do so holistically.  Holistic means that they treat the ‘whole person’.  So instead of giving medicine to terminate a symptom, practitioners seek out root causes, examining everything from emotions to environment to family habits.  This creates lasting health and more positive change.  But how can this kind of approach help children with Autism? As many of the practitioners at the seminar pointed out – Autism is not a ‘disease’ that can be ‘cured’ with medicine.  So, ‘treating’ children with Autism is more about working with ‘whole people’ and learning to see children with Autism as ‘whole’.  Practitioners who work from this philosophy can offer parents more than just treatments.  They can help them find peace. According to John and Anna, it was after seeing meditation expert, and founder of The New Earth’s Children Centre,  Michelle LeRoy that they were able to experience their own shift, learning to accept their son instead of cure him.  They found it amazing that throughout all their attempts to change their child, what they really needed to change was themselves.  After this personal reflection, they found that acceptance of their son’s difference put them on the path towards repairing a relationship they hadn’t realized was broken. Practitioner Marcela Grant as well as a number of other presenters at the seminar spoke at length about the emotional sensitivity of Autistic children.  Marcela proposed that children pick up on their parents complex emotions with incredible accuracy.  Many autistic children feel the frustration and disappointment in their parents and it is this dissonance that can actually become a basis for many communication problems.  Anna speaks to this in...

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Joel Jeans – Homeopathy

May 07, 13 Joel Jeans – Homeopathy

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Joel Jeans is a Homeopath who incorporates Osteopathic techniques into his practice.  An interest in natural solutions for sports injuries brought him to the practice of homeopathy, where Joel has become a proficient in the art of healing naturally. Homeopathic medicine is a wonderful alternative for people who have acute pain, or illness and would prefer to avoid anti-biotics or pharmaceuticals.  The remedies provided are derived from natural plants, herbs and in some cases even animal venoms.  The medical properties are then highly diluted in distilled water that carries an energetic ‘memory’ of the original material.  This is important, as instead of being ‘digested’ by the body the homeopathic remedy ‘reminds’ the immune system of its natural response.  A great example treatment might be Alium Cepa (or ‘red onion’) for the treatment of someone suffering from itchy, watery eyes.  The remedy is tasteless and odourless, and is usually taken once a day.  Results can usually be expected immediately. What To Expect Joel’s clients can expect an initial appointment of at least an hr.  This appointment is intense, with a deep medical history being discussed as well as a systematic examination of symptoms.  The appointment can sometimes feel like a counselling session as medical conditions are examined for emotional and lifestyle connections.  These appointments are ideal for people who feel that their General Practitioner does not spend enough time with them, or does not fully understand their personal situation.  At the end of the appointment a remedy is selected, and follow-up session is planned to monitor results.  For many people, improvements are seen within a day or two, with more established illnesses improving over a few weeks – with no side effects. If you are interested in booking an appointment with Joel, he is currently practicing in Cobourg and in Bowmanville at Clarington’s Wellness Path.  You can call 905.623.9232 for an appointment or check out Joel’s website below. View His Website...

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The Tranquil Garden

Apr 09, 13 The Tranquil Garden

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Gather, learn, share, heal, grow, prosper. We are a 6,200 sq ft wellness centre located in Oshawa, Durham Region.  Our facilities include a day spa, a yoga studio, several meeting rooms, a swimming pool and a labyrinth in our backyard.  We are committed to providing you with a space and services to help you be empowered and evolve- mind, body and spirit.  We host personal development workshops designed to help you find and be your best self, to design and live your best life.  Our team of dedicated, enthusiastic and happy facilitators are committed to creating a community you will enjoy being a part of; one where you can blossom and thrive with other like minded people. Our Mission Statement: To Educate Women to Empower themselves to Evolve – Body, Mind & Spirit – through products, services, events and workshops that become resources of Self Care. Visit Their...

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Dr. Coulas – Optimal Life Chiropractic

Mar 18, 13 Dr. Coulas – Optimal Life Chiropractic

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I have become aware that we are more spiritual than we are physical. Through my experience of chiropractic and acupuncture I realized that the biggest cause of disease is the separation of the physical from the spiritual source With this awareness came a realization that there are ways to reconnect to this source. When we open our intention to our greatness and our divine potential we can reconnect to who we were meant to be. Seeing Eric Pearl on YouTube videos resonated deeply in me so much so that it would keep me up at night. It was all I was thinking about so I registered for a seminar with Dr. Pearl Himself. I was instantly able to feel the frequencies and they were working in me.  These reconnective frequencies facilitate healing on many levels. They bring peace, Balance and alignment to your souls true life path. Some people are in need of a reconnective healing which is designed to let your body come back to it’s balance of physical, mental spiritual/emotional selves.  Other are ready to accelerate their true life path and for this I recommend the complete reconnection. I know this work is here to assist us in these rapidly changing times now on this planet. We must expand our consciousness and reconnect to the light and information from a universal source. Visit Optimal Life! Dr. Coulas Dr. Coulas was born in Deep River, Ontario and moved to the Durham Region in 1984. He now lives in Whitby with his wife Paula and his three children. Dr. Coulas has studied natural health and healing for over 20 years. At York University he studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences and became a certified fitness and exercise counselor. He continued with his love for health at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he obtained his degree in the discipline of Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Dr. Coulas spends his recreational time as an executive member of the Knights of Columbus and as a coach, trainer and plays on...

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