Turn Your Bath Into a Rejuvenating Ritual

Nov 02, 13 Turn Your Bath Into a Rejuvenating Ritual

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For many cultures, bathing was a ritualist activity.  Symbolically, its very powerful to the mind to ‘wash away’ cares and stresses.   Through my work with various practitioners and spiritual teachers, I’ve put together a ‘recipe’ of the most powerful techniques to change your bath from simply cleansing – to completely rejuvenating.  This process can be incredibly powerful – and the more intent you put into it – the greater the change you will experience. Rejuvenating Bath Process – What You Need To Pre-Prepare: 1. Clean you bathroom For lots of reasons.  This will symbolically cleanse stagnant or slow moving energy from the room.  It will psychologically keep your mind from obsessing about the dirt, and allow you to fully relax. 2. Secure Your Potion In recent months, my experiences with aromatherapy oils have made me a BIG believer.   For this project, the oils will absorb into your skin – having a direct therapeutic effect, and you will also inhale them from the steam.  This will create vibrational changes in your brain and energy body, helping your mind to let go, and helping the subconscious to re-write new programming. It will make you more relaxed, open and free.  If you are not sure what to use, I recommend the ‘Purification Blend’ from Young Living, or ask your aromatherapist to create you a renewal blend.  I use a custom blend containing: Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melaleuca, Lavender and Myrtle. The Process: 1.  Charge Your Space Light a minimum of three candles, and place them around your tub.  All proper ceremonies use candles around the perimeter as this prevents negative energy, or loose spirits from entering the space.  You then want to visualize a warm golden glow that expands out of your chest and envelops the bathroom in gold bubble.  From this point on, do your best to only bring positive thoughts into the space.  If it matches with your beliefs say a prayer, or mentally project your intention to strip away everything that is not...

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