Is A Revolution on The Way?

Oct 28, 13 Is A Revolution on The Way?

Russell Brand’s latest interview is circulating the web right now at a frantic pace.  But its not because the British comedian has made a gaffe or outrageously inappropriate comment.  Rather, the charismatic social commentator (who once admitted that as a child he thought he might be Jesus returned,) has said out loud what we all already knew.  With great confidence and positivity, Brand announced that the system is dead.  That government as we know it has stalled and can never be reformed back to a place that serves the people.  He announced that a revolution was coming.  Like the first few passengers who realize a ship is sinking, there are growing numbers of people who are ‘checking out’ of the current system.  Whether its young people who have stopped voting, or middle aged women who have sold everything and moved into a caravan, or the growing communities that are returning to farming and creating systems of barter and trade; some of us know the gig is up!  While what Brand says isn’t new, his conviction and fearlessness in welcoming the sweeping change is inspiring!  If you haven’t seen this video yet, I recommend every single second of it!  Like one of the first leaves to fall in autumn, could this be an indicator of the change to come?