Tiny House Movement – The Option You Didn’t Realize You Had!

Sep 09, 13 Tiny House Movement – The Option You Didn’t Realize You Had!

Over the past few weeks I have been captivated by the tiny house movement.  The timing is right for this little trend to make a BIG impact.  Tiny homes are small dwellings – usually under 500 sq. feet.  Super small and VERY cute, these homes offer a seductive alternative to the large McMansions that have become the norm.  The allure of the tiny homes is the freedom that they can offer.  Building your own tiny home means a total investment of anywhere from 25-85k depending on your personal skill set. This means that many previous property owners have been able to downsize into these charming little homes and completely eliminate their mortgage.  In addition to freeing up debt and monthly cash flow, tiny homes also inspire the liberation that comes from aggressively editing your belongings.  People who have transitioned into a tiny home report a complete life change in terms of gaining peace, relaxation and simplicity.

Tiny Homes have all the curb appeal of a larger home, at the price of a small trailer.

Tiny Homes have all the curb appeal of a larger home, at the price of a small trailer.

Tiny homes solve a myriad of current problems.  First of all, they are a cheap and yet still very attractive option for home ownership.  They cost no more than your average trailer park home and yet these dwellings manage to maintain all the class and charm of a tiny cottage.  The small footprint has allowed these homes to dodge many building permit and zoning laws – with many designs able fit comfortably in a backyard without damaging property values.  This makes them a fantastic guest house or living arrangement for aging parents who seek independence but still need to be close by.    They are also a sensible option for people working from home to have an office separate from the house – yet still ‘at home’.  Their small size makes them a quick build and a very economical and sustainable living arrangement.

As this trend builds, the internet is filling up with new businesses offering to design and construct the tiny homes.  There is also a growing selection of furniture and appliances that are specifically designed for these small spaces, making sure that every square foot is used economically.  Tiny house communities are also springing up as more cities are altering by-law restrictions to welcome them.

Tiny homes do face some criticism.  There are many who fear that their small size and subsequent low cost will effect the property values of neighbouring homes.  And of course their limited space means they are not appropriate for all families.  But those who have made the transition say that they do not feel they have made a sacrifice.  With their square footage equalling that of many downtown Toronto Condos, the tiny homes are simply a reminder that many of us are living wildly beyond out means unnecessarily.

I’m going to dig deeper into this tiny home movement in future posts.  In the meantime, if you are interested, I highly recommend visiting Tumbleweed Houses to look at some of their floor plans and finished models.  You can also type ‘tiny house’ into Youtube or Pinterest to see some of the most popular videos and images of this economically friendly trend.  I’m also going to include below a slideshow with some of my favourite examples of tiny living so hopefully you will catch the bug too!