Local Shamanic Healer Writes Children’s Book – Luminous Mountain

Sep 09, 13 Local Shamanic Healer Writes Children’s Book – Luminous Mountain
A beautiful book for introducing spiritual concepts to children. 

Marcela Grant is a Munay-ki and Shaman Healer in the Ajax area.  She has recently written her first children’s book called Luminous Mountain.  The book is about a young boy who “loses” his mother, and must embark on a journey to find her.  During the different stages of his journey, he meets his power animals who teach him lessons for life, maturity and character development.

This is a wonderful book for exposing children to spiritual concepts.  It creates an awareness that life’s challenges are opportunities for growth.  I shared this story with my daughter who is 9 years old, and it was very good timing because they were learning about “symbolism” at school.  This book was a great way for her to practice interpreting the themes of the book and what they meant.  It was pretty insightful for me to see how she thought and what she took away from it!

She felt like the book was telling her that we don’t just learn facts and problem solving (the information she gets at school,) but we also have to learn how to become a “grown up”.  She also explained to me that we can learn outside of school too, by thinking about the things that happen to us in the world.  Not bad for a grade 3!

The book was also a great platform for us to talk about independence, and what kind of “journey” we might each be on.  (A great discussion!)  My daughter loved the pictures in the book which are bright and beautiful, and talking animals was right up her alley!  Her only criticism was that the main character should have been a girl.  (LOL!)

Marcela Grant

Local Author & Shamanic Healer Marcela Grant

Mrs. Grant is a skilled shaman healer and explains that there is strong magic actually written into the language of the book, and that it can have a healing effect on people.  I know that the time I spent with my daughter reading the book and talking about it was very rewarding, and both of us had warm “glowy” feelings after reading it.  It was obvious to me though how the story, the animals and the lessons presented in the book, could really open up a child’s awareness.  I think it provides an opportunity for self-reflection that most children’s books would not attempt, and I liked this.

If you would like to get a better taste for the story and the beautiful illustrations, there is a short trailer at the end of this post.  I would recommend the book for kids age 7+.  My daughter is fairly mature for her age, and was able to handle the content as well as the length of the story, (which we had to read in two sessions,) but I think 7+ and up would probably be fine.  If you would like to purchase the book, (and support a local author,) you can follow this link to do so.  For a real treat, you can find out more about Shaman Healing and Munay-Ki at Marcela’s website: www.luminoushealing.ca


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