Get More JUICE From Life!

Aug 07, 13 Get More JUICE From Life!

W hy are we here?  Most people personalize this question – curious about their mission in this life.  What goal are we to achieve?  What is my purpose?  The question can just as easily be applied to humanity as a whole.  Where do we fit in the grand scheme of the Universe?  What are we ALL here for?  Well, there is an answer to both those questions, and its beautiful.

Human beings play an essential, grand  purpose that no other being on the planet is able to perform.  It’s what we were sent here for.  In fact, if you are NOT performing this duty – you are likely suffering either openly or secretly from dissatisfaction, depression or a dangerously deep sense of apathy for life.  This purpose is so coded into your DNA, there is no way to escape its call without denying your very self…

earthImagine that the earth in its totality is surrounded by a bright golden glow.  A consciousness if you will.  Its full of potential – sizzling with energies.  But all of this potential is trapped in a chaotic and intangible form.  We can’t see it or touch it.  It does not exist as anything ‘real’, and cannot be perceived by the senses.  A human being acts like an antenna – allowing this field of potential to enter their mind, be conceptualized by their brain, and then brought into physicality. We are the only living things who are capable of bringing the etherial – inspiration, spirit, magic, source – whatever you like to call it – into physicality.

We do this through almost any form of creativity.  Architecture, music, dance, gardening – whenever we take thoughts from our mind and CREATE we are acting as a conduit – providing an opportunity for that potential energy to crystalize into our reality and manifest.  When any religion refers to the Godliness within man – this is one of the features they are talking about.  Our ability to take an invisible thought, and bring it into realness.

Any human who is not participating in this process will experience a growing tension and sense of anxiety.  This is easy to witness around you.  As more people have fallen into the routines of their job, or the details of their family life, there is little room for creative expression.  Over time these very people are the ones who will begin to feel a lack of purpose, boredom with life, or a pervasive sense of anxiety.

inspiredThe chaotic and creative energy around the earth wants to become real.  It is driven to manifest, and can only do so through a human form of expression – so it will compress around you creating that tension that many people are feeling without quite knowing why.  This tension can be released as you find new ways to bring it into physicality – start painting, playing an instrument, writing poetry.  All you have to do is access a feeling or vision in your mind, and find your own way to bring it into reality.  Re-arranging your living room or closet and other small tasks will work for a quick fix –  though for a more sustainable feeling of fulfillment I do recommend finding a specific area or art form where you can build skill.  (For more on this you can see my post regarding the Rise of the Natural Arts.)

There are many people who are caught up in the spin of life: Working frantically to be able to purchase things, to keep up with our neighbours, and to entertain ourselves.  The people caught up in this spin are often the same people who will claim that they do not have TIME to take on a creative “hobby”.  I would like to suggest a moment of self exploration.  It is likely that the race to purchase, consume and compete is usually at some level an attempt to fill a void.  But this lifestyle does not fill any holes permanently, rather it tends to keep you too busy to notice the gap.  Consumerism, and competition will not remove the root cause of the anxiety, and whenever you stop or slow down, the void will become noticeable. Again, I would suggest that a de-cluttering of your lifestyle might afford you opportunities to reinvest your resources into projects that will offer a more sustainable and satisfying return.  A blocked flow of creativity can be directly related to feelings of chronic anxiety and depression.

Human beings must serve their purpose as a conduit between the world of inspiration and physical reality.  As you become more aware of this process, you will see it operating around you everywhere, and where you see it, you will find fulfilled and joyful people.  Seek out others who are also pulling the intangible into reality as working in groups can amplify this effect.  Celebrate your ability and create, create, create!