Free Lecture – Science of Initiation

Jul 19, 13 Free Lecture – Science of Initiation

Initiation can be used to describe the process that one goes through as they graduate upwards throughout their spiritual journey.  This is an AMAZING lecture from the Vesica Institute, that discusses the different levels of initiations, and how they are characterized throughout numerous religions, and groups.  There are tons of education tidbits in here, including a grounded discussion of angel hierarchies, religious history, philosophy and the development of the self.  Just fantastic.  For those of you needing the practical, this also includes the 6 major steps recommended by a Rosicrusian scholar for developing the spiritual self.  This is a full length lecture – over an hr – but it is one of the few YouTube videos that has caused me to get out a journal and start taking notes!  The presenter is wonderful he keeps up a great pace, and is obviously very well studied and knowledgable.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!