Survival Sex & Power – Evolving Through The Lower Chakras

Jul 10, 13 Survival Sex & Power – Evolving Through The Lower Chakras

There is a swift influx of consciousness that is sweeping through the planet right now, and a LOT of theories describing that process.  Today I probably heard the best. It was on the Truth Denied radio show, and I was listening to a guest interview with James Gilliland.  He was explaining the current spiritual change that we are facing and claimed that up until this point, humans have lived on the planet as beings who inhabit the bottom three chakras.  Anyone familiar with the chakra system will understand then, that we have been living in an age dominated by survival, sex and power.

Wow.  If there has ever been a better way to describe the last era in three words, that was it.  Survival, Sex and Power.  Looking around at our current culture, economy and value systems, you can really see a physical expression of how poorly we have balanced those three conditions. In fact, all three seem to be wildly out of control, on many personal, family and even national levels.

Gratefully however, we are in a time of great spiritual evolution.  I’ve heard it said that we are moving from third dimensional spiritual beings, into ‘fourth dimensional’ ones, but  I’ve found that a concept that is hard to grasp.  Gilliland simplifies it saying: we are evolving “up into our fourth chakra – the heart space”.  This description is understandable to me, and incredibly reassuring.  It blends well with a myriad of popular spiritual theories like evolving consciousness and the coming of a ‘golden age’.  It makes sense if you think about it.  Consciousness, just like every other living thing in existence is evolving.  As vehicles for consciousness, the pressure to change is currently impacting us – forcing us to grow – right up into our heart space.

It is not difficult to see how a species that is NOT grounded its heart space would suffer from its inability to hold survival, power and sexual urges in check.  These wild and uncontrolled energies have created a world that dominates, starves and abuses its populations.  But the sun is rising on this dark time.

Synchronistically, I saw a book in the economics section of Chapters last week that really caught my attention.  It was called ‘What Money Can’t Buy, The Moral Limits of Markets’.  It argues that our systems have reached the limits of what rules and financial payoffs can control, and that we must learn to reinvest in our morals and internal governance systems.  In my opinion, that’s technical talk for learning how to sit comfortably in our own heart space – and its coming from the economics section!  Clearly a motivation for for change is being felt by more than just us hippies!

We can all help to facilitate this shift on an individual level.  Moving into your own heart space involves becoming more confident of your emotional self.  First, learn to separate your own voice and desires from those of others.  We each must be able to stand firm in our beliefs without being affected by outside opinions and influences.  When we aren’t affected by others, we wont feel compelled to control them.  This is why so many guru’s and teachers focus first on basic self development.  Its to help people learn which inner voice belongs to their ego, and which one belongs to their true Higher Self.  That way we can act with confidence, love and faith in ourselves.

Secondly, we MUST have a dream.  A purpose or goal that fills us up inside.  This is the north star that we can work towards with love.  Its the jewel that keeps us moving forward when things are dark.

These two things, an egoless love of self and a dream to fulfill, will help to pull you up into your own heart space.  Communities of people who behave in this way, will outwardly create a brand new world.  These people, who are well grounded in their heart space, will temper the urges around security, sex and power using a moral centre with some gravity!  Now is the best time to do this work.  When the outward energies of the planet are in sync with the calling to a higher chakra.  We must truly know ourselves, to love ourselves.  We must love ourselves in order to grow and heal our world.