Learn To Be A Healer ~ Energetic Healing I

Jun 11, 13 Learn To Be A Healer ~ Energetic Healing I

Healing is a natural ability.  We are all healers although most of us have lost our connection to our natural abilities. According to quantum physics our bodies are ‘condensed’ thought energy living in a sea of energy. By re-establishing our connection to that sea we naturally regenerate & rejuvenate ourselves.  We can also direct this energy to transmute our environment. By understanding the laws of nature governing the harnessing of this energy, the healer never depletes him/herself of energy, and never absorbs the aches & pains of those receiving support. Each healing practice becomes a self-energizing experience for everyone involved. To be an effective healer you need to awaken you natural Telepathic & empathic abilities. Through an impeccable attitude one is able to use one’s awakened powers to assist recipients in strengthening their connection to their inner creative and intuitive resources – benefiting both parties.

Topics covered in this weekend workshop:

  • Activate your life force Energy Games
  • Ancient Sounds to activate your subtle senses
  • Technique to Activate and  Cleanse Lymph System
  • Bioenergetics Emotional Release Exercises
  • Techniques to Boost the Immune System
  • Understand the Cosmic Cycles of Life
  • Understand your Chakras
  • Transmute headaches
  • Secrets of longevity
  • Balance the four bodies
  • Christos past life technique
  • Cleansing the brain & heart
  • Understand Time / Space / Reality
  • Releasing attachments and aura repair
  • Middle Pillar Technique for self Healing / Empowerment

June  Saturday 29 / Sunday 30,  9am – 5 pm

Cost: $250 (cash)

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This workshop is being taught by Paul Balch, an International practitioner who has studied under Grand Master Lui of Tao and A Master Lama from the Mystery Schools in Tibet.  After having a death experience in the Australian bush as a teenager, Paul came to focus on the study of meditation and inner knowledge.  Shortly after that he met his first teacher and later became a student of the Master Lama.  Over the years Paul has studied massage, anatomy and physiology, relaxation, hypnotherapy, psychology, meditation, energy healing, reiki, dreams, tarot, astral projection, and alchemy – an eclectic combination of tools he would come to treasure in later years. Paul has performed healings on thousands of people around the world, including victims of post-traumatic stress in South Africa.  He is also the co-author of an upcoming book “Anatomy of A Yogi’ which explains the effect of yoga on our emotional, mental and physical bodies.