Sprout Right – Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler

May 07, 13 Sprout Right – Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler

sprout_right_logoMore and more we are learning about the significance of a healthy diet.  Holistic eating impacts our health, and is the foundation for the optimal development of our children.  With this in mind, Kimberly Ignas, a certified Sprout Right Facilitator, will be teaching a workshop on infant nutrition, and cooking for toddlers.  These are fantastic programs that blend lots of scientific information, along with practical tips for feeding picky eaters, as well as hands on cooking classes for making organic baby purees and toddler’s first chunky foods!

Both programs will be taught at Clarington’s Wellness Path in Bowmanville, and include:

Baby’s First Year Program ~ Starts May 15th @ 10:00am

  • Six week series
  • Includes cooking classes where you learn to make your own baby food
  • Take home batches of organic smooth puree and chunky meals.
  • Take home 2 Mommy Chef TMDVDs -First Foods & Next Stage included in the price.
  • (a $40 dollar value.)
  • Learn basics of how, when and what foods to start with and progress with.
  • Minimize and recognize potential food reactions. Take home oodles of informative handouts each class. Meet other moms in the same situation as you
  • $205 for six week series

Toddler Times Program ~ Starts May 25th @ 10:00am

  • Four week series
  • Learn what a healthy toddler diet looks like.
  • Learn how to deal with picky eaters beat daycare sickness.
  • Super snacks for your tot.
  • Meal planning strategies for busy families.
  • Vegetarian and vegan toddlers.
  • Take home an organic toddler snack and meal made in class.
  • Take home oodles of informative handouts each class. How much milk should your toddler be drinking? What if your toddler will only eat puree?
  • $150 for four week series

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