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May 07, 13 Joel Jeans – Homeopathy

homeopathyJoel Jeans is a Homeopath who incorporates Osteopathic techniques into his practice.  An interest in natural solutions for sports injuries brought him to the practice of homeopathy, where Joel has become a proficient in the art of healing naturally.

Homeopathic medicine is a wonderful alternative for people who have acute pain, or illness and would prefer to avoid anti-biotics or pharmaceuticals.  The remedies provided are derived from natural plants, herbs and in some cases even animal venoms.  The medical properties are then highly diluted in distilled water that carries an energetic ‘memory’ of the original material.  This is important, as instead of being ‘digested’ by the body the homeopathic remedy ‘reminds’ the immune system of its natural response.  A great example treatment might be Alium Cepa (or ‘red onion’) for the treatment of someone suffering from itchy, watery eyes.  The remedy is tasteless and odourless, and is usually taken once a day.  Results can usually be expected immediately.

What To Expect

Joel’s clients can expect an initial appointment of at least an hr.  This appointment is intense, with a deep medical history being discussed as well as a systematic examination of symptoms.  The appointment can sometimes feel like a counselling session as medical conditions are examined for emotional and lifestyle connections.  These appointments are ideal for people who feel that their General Practitioner does not spend enough time with them, or does not fully understand their personal situation.  At the end of the appointment a remedy is selected, and follow-up session is planned to monitor results.  For many people, improvements are seen within a day or two, with more established illnesses improving over a few weeks – with no side effects.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with Joel, he is currently practicing in Cobourg and in Bowmanville at Clarington’s Wellness Path.  You can call 905.623.9232 for an appointment or check out Joel’s website below.

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