An Interview With Local Chiropractor Dr. Coulas!

Apr 04, 13 An Interview With Local Chiropractor Dr. Coulas!

Dr. Coulas is a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and a Reconnective practitioner.  Practicing from Optimal Life in Whitby, which he is co-owner of, he provides holistic and integrative support to his clients… 

 An interview with Dr. Michael Coulas,Dr Coulas

 Chiropractor and co-owner of Optimal Life Chiropractic.

Q:  Tell us a bit about yourself.

A:  I am originally from Deep River, Ontario.    We left Deep River when I was 14, but that was long enough to develop lasting ties to the land and the community.  I left with a deep respect for the natural world that I still carry with me.  I feel we all have a connection to the earth and nature.    After we settled in the Durham region, I actively pursed my other passions for sports and health and fitness.  This led me to studying kinesiology at York University.

 Q:  How did you come to choose chiropractic as a specialty?

A:  During high school I had a pretty serious rugby injury.  I suffered a concussion along with a number of other concerning symptoms.  I had some amnesia, tingling down my extremities, and I steadily lost weight for about a month.  It felt as though my body was shutting down.  There was no relief until a friend suggested I see his chiropractor.  I started getting better, and it was then that I realized the natural healing benefits of chiropractic.

 Q:  You are also an acupuncturist.  How long have you been practising?

A:  15 years.  While attending the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic  College  (CMCC) I was introduced to eastern medicine as well as my chiropractic studies.  I became certified in acupuncture and have been using both modalities in my office ever since.  They work well together, they each deal with the natural energies of the body.

 Q:  Are these the same natural energies you work with during your reconnective Healing sessions?

A:  No.  The energies surrounding reconnective healing and the ability to affect healing without touching a patient is a truly profound experience.

Q:  How did you become involved with reconnective healing?

A:  I was online one day researching chiropractic and healing and I came across another chiropractor, Dr. Eric Pearl, who was explaining his work with reconnective healing.  I was immediately drawn and I had to learn more.  I signed up for his 3 day course in Montreal.  I quickly followed up with a course in Toronto, called The Reconnection, which involves us reconnecting back to the universe and an awakening to our true life purpose.  Dr. Pearl’s book is called “The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself”, and I find that to be true for me.  Everyone experiences it differently.  Depending on how open you are to it, it can be quite enlightening.  For me, I receive as much as I give during a session.

 Q:  What are you currently working on?

A:  On top of my chiropractic practice, I give a number of educational workshops on natural health and healing.  More recently, I have started leading a workshop on the evolving consciousness which we are all a part of.  We are awakening, and this new consciousness will lead us to the understanding that we are all one.


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