VIDEO of the MONTH ~ Sadhguru Talks Enlightenment

Mar 25, 13 VIDEO of the MONTH ~ Sadhguru Talks Enlightenment

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian Spiritual Guru.  In this video he shares his moment of ‘Enlightenment’ and shares what this experience is like, and how we can seek it for ourselves.  I really enjoy listening to Sadhguru as he has a gentle sense of humour and is very down to earth.  He’s very practical and non-prostelitizing.  (I also find him easier to understand than the Delhi Lama!;)

The question ‘What is Enlightenment’ can be a long discussion, with many differing opinions.  But if you are curious, this is a great introduction to the concept and at the same time it is entertaining and inspiring.  I found this one at www.TED. (If you are not familiar with the site, get familiar!  It’s the best!)

Let me know what you think!