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Mar 18, 13 Dr. Coulas – Optimal Life Chiropractic
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I have become aware that we are more spiritual than we are physical. Through my experience of chiropractic and acupuncture I realized that the biggest cause of disease is the separation of the physical from the spiritual source With this awareness came a realization that there are ways to reconnect to this source. When we open our intention to our greatness and our divine potential we can reconnect to who we were meant to be.

Seeing Eric Pearl on YouTube videos resonated deeply in me so much so that it would keep me up at night. It was all I was thinking about so I registered for a seminar with Dr. Pearl Himself. I was instantly able to feel the frequencies and they were working in me.  These reconnective frequencies facilitate healing on many levels. They bring peace, Balance and alignment to your souls true life path.

Some people are in need of a reconnective healing which is designed to let your body come back to it’s balance of physical, mental spiritual/emotional selves.  Other are ready to accelerate their true life path and for this I recommend the complete reconnection.

I know this work is here to assist us in these rapidly changing times now on this planet. We must expand our consciousness and reconnect to the light and information from a universal source.

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Dr. Coulas

Dr CoulasDr. Coulas was born in Deep River, Ontario and moved to the Durham Region in 1984. He now lives in Whitby with his wife Paula and his three children.

Dr. Coulas has studied natural health and healing for over 20 years. At York University he studied Kinesiology and Health Sciences and became a certified fitness and exercise counselor. He continued with his love for health at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College where he obtained his degree in the discipline of Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

Dr. Coulas spends his recreational time as an executive member of the Knights of Columbus and as a coach, trainer and plays on many local sports teams. Dr. Coulas volunteers his time regularly to speak to groups, organizations and companies on the key components of how to get and stay healthy naturally.

Dr. Coulas is certified in Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and has been expanding his knowledge of spirituality and our connection to the universe.  Everything is energy and our connection to it is our secret to health and happiness.