Mastery 1 – With Paul & Jaylee Balch – May 11th

Mar 17, 13 Mastery 1 – With Paul & Jaylee Balch – May 11th

Mastery Р1 is a workshop appropriate for anyone who has questions, or wants to learn more about spiritual awakening.  The program is developed from the teachings of a Master Lama from the mystery schools of Tibet and and Grand Master of Tao as well.

The course focuses on how to advance your spiritual development, showing you how to become conscious of your hidden beliefs, control your thoughts and meditate to deeper, more revealing levels.  Different from trendy and commercialized programs, Mastery 1 is about traditional and ancient techniques of personal spiritual advancement.

The program is 4 days of study and includes deep guided mediations, homework assignments, personal reflection and intriguing Q & A sessions.

The course is taught by Paul & Jaylee Balch, international teachers and spiritual advisors who have been teaching and learning around the globe for over 20 years.

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