Anatomy of a Yogi

Mar 08, 13 Anatomy of a Yogi

Anatomy of a Yogi is an upcoming workshop with Internationally recognized teacher Paul Balch.  In the workshop, he explains that emotions and past experiences are often stored within the human body’s energy field – creating blockages.  He will be exploring the energy centers that hold this information and how it can be released through specific yoga poses.  This is a physical class, with lots of practical, hands on knowledge that can be applied in your personal and professional life.

This course is also useful for energy workers who can gain greater insight into the connections between emotional issues and areas of energetic disturbance in the body.


  • Why certain poses bring up specific emotions
  • How emotions play a large part in our general health & body shape 
  • How yoga can help release trapped patterns and blockages
  • How chakras work in the energetic body
  • How chakras are linked to the emotional body 
  • Why its difficult to cross barriers and make breakthroughs
  • How focus & stillness impact and enhance your yoga practice
  • How to release emotions constructively through yoga.


Paul Balch, is a bikram teacher and hypnotherapist and his partner Jaylee has a background in intuitive healing and Hatha.  Both have followed the guidance of Tibetan and Tao masters and imparted a treasury of knowledge around the world. Combined, they have taught for over 20 yrs and run seminars in over 14 countries.

Anatomy of a Yogi is appropriate for Yoga Instructors as well as beginner level students!

This is an 8 hr. workshop on Saturday, May 4th in Brooklin, Ontario – just north of Oshawa.

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Anatomy Of A Yogi