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Mar 07, 13 Aide Luxury Bodycare

In the Beginning..

Aide Body CareIt all started with a trip to my Naturalpath.  I began reading food labels, backed by the “if you can’t pronounce it you probably shouldn’t eat it” mentality.  Then I started reading the crap that was my beauty & household cleaning products..  I freaked out!  SLS, Parabens, Sulfates!?  Sure the FDA allows a certain amount in one particular product, considering they were in the majority of my products that I use Numerous times a day, loading my body Full of chemicals.  Here I was slathering it all over my Skin, the largest organ of my body.

In 2007, my close friend from British Colombia told me how he started making soap from scratch and how easy it was.  With my background in Fine Art, graduating from Ontario College of Art & Design, I decided to combine my love of Design with my love of Nature and make SOAP!  I started making natural soap for my family & friends.

Whats in a Name?  Aide… I’ve always been drawn to the First Aide Cross, the simplicity of it, the universal symbol of Help, Compassion & Healing.  Who knows?!  Maybe I was a Nurse in a former life but I thought nothing better than to Aide my body and those around me.  Thus Aide was born.  With my obsession with Mid-Century design I thought it only natural that my design have a pin-up esk feel.  Why do I love the 50′s?  Back then, life was slower, people handmade from scratch: Meals, Clothing.. and even Soap!  Not to say we don’t now, but who really has the time anymore?

Lots of bathroom treasures for women AND men!

Lots of bathroom treasures for women AND men!

The Plunge: In 2012 I decided to quit my Manager/Full-Benefit job to pursue my passion and open up my first on-line store of luxury Handmade Soap & Skin Care products.  Spreading my love of nature and simple, affordable indulgences to the world.

I hope you try and Feel the difference.

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