Autism: Holistic Approaches

Feb 27, 13 Autism: Holistic Approaches

If you know a parent or care-giver of a child on the Autism spectrum, you are probably aware of the challenges they face.  While the medical community can be quick to diagnose and prescribe medications, but there are often more natural and holistic options available.

On Saturday, April 20th, a number of local practitioners will be hosting a forum on Holistic Approaches to living with Autism.  Presenters include Energy Therapy practitioners, dieticians, and others.  Each will be sharing specific stories from their own work with children on the spectrum.  They will outline an approach that views these children as highly sensitive people. Exploring new strategies for helping children stay healthy, communicate their feelings and ground their energies, the panel will include an extensive open Q & A session.

Stay tuned, and we’ll update this posting with the practitioners who are involved in the program and additional information as it becomes available.

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Helena Frank

Helena Frank is Parent Resource Coach. She graduated from Humber College CYW program with honours. In her eighteen year career with Special Needs children, she has worked in a variety of settings; private homes, schools, camps, group homes and community centres. Her area of expertise is Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD and Learning Differences. Helena has had the opportunity to work within the Toronto District School Board and has experience with advocacy in meetings, IEP suggestions, strategies, and programming that will benefit parents in navigating the school system. As a Parent Resource Coach, Helena supports parents who wish to better understand their child’s motivation and build strategies to bring more calm, confidence and understanding to their family, school or community.

Christina Haverkort

Christina HaverkortChristina is a Certified Reflexologist from the Ontario College of Reflexology and a Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner from Langara College in Vancouver, BC.  She has studied the principles of Iridology, Crystalogy and integrates therapeutic grade essential oils into her work.  The main focus of her work is integrating the methods of healing gained from the 3 year intensive program at Langara, an accredited college.  Langara training involved teachings from the east and the west combined with intensive studies. Reflexology (Zone Therapy), the combination of the two disciplines and her research in the fields of Trauma, Mental Illness and Autism have proven invaluable when working with clients both in distance and in-clinic.  Her integrative approach looks at the ’cause’ while considering the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of her clients as well as their family history and current life situations. Her volunteer experiences range from working with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, helping substance abusers in their recovery, and sustaining the recovery of significant emotional trauma victims. Christina uses her profound intuitive abilities and healing competences to tune in to her client’s ‘energy’ needs while in a therapeutic setting.

Lucie Stephens

LucieLucie Stephens is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and ASD Mom specializing in children with Autism and ADD/ADHD.  Her son was diagnosed with autism 6 years ago and she has since been on a journey towards recovery and discovery.  She is the former owner of The Autism Bakery, and she has authored a cookbook specializing in food sensitivities.  She is a regular contributor for health and wellness publications.

Marcela Grant

Marcela GrantMarcela is a Shamanic Healer and Munay-Ki Facilitator.  Her intuitive nature and calm presence has helped her in her work with children with special needs.  Focusing on helping children communicate their experiences through the use of power animals and sand table therapy, Marcela sees these children as ‘highly sensitive’ people who are doing important spiritual work.  Her acceptance of more alternative approaches has created a safe space where many children have been able to open up to her.  Marcela places a great significance on the emotional wellbeing of parents, and helps them to ‘clear their emotional energies’ before working with their children for more peaceful and grounded interactions.