Free Seminar: Holistic Approaches to Depression

Feb 25, 13 Free Seminar: Holistic Approaches to Depression

depressionIf you or anyone you know if currently struggling with depression, S.A.D. or other mood disorders, we have some great information for you.  On Wednesday, March 6, Clarington’s Wellness Path is hosting a FREE seminar about holistic approaches to dealing with these challenges.

The seminar is being held by Catheryne Dahlke, a practitioner in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, and guest speaker Nancy Metcalf – A holistic nutritionist.  The women will be discussing alternatives to prescription medication as well as some of the causes or catalysts that can lead to disruptions in your ability to regulate your mood.

If you are interested in attending, you can RSVP through, email them, or just show up!  The event is free and should be a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about options that might be available to you.


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