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Meditation Challenge: In The Dark! | The Holistic Event Network

Meditation Challenge: In The Dark!

Feb 20, 13 Meditation Challenge: In The Dark!

Most of the time, people who are afraid of the dark are actually afraid of being alone, or looking too deeply into the self.

I am a 30+ year old ADULT – but I can admit, I am still afraid of the dark.  I have a vivid imagination that is too happy to create all manner of things to worry about.  That’s why when I first heard about this, my first thought was – no way!  But I have to share it with you all.

Meditating in the complete dark is certainly a challenge, but there are lots of good reasons to try it.  The most obvious one is to master your fear.  Meditation is about controlling the mind and quieting it.  If you are like me, sitting up in the dark makes you feel exposed – stimulating your mind (and imagination!) so it takes extra focus to centre yourself and let go.

Forcing yourself to sit in the dark – even though it makes you nervous is also a great way to build and grow a general sense of trust – in yourself and the universe in general.  If being still in the dark does make you uncomfortable, trusting that you are going to be okay, and sitting in your discomfort is a great way to develop faith in yourself and your world.  Overcoming your fear in this way can be a great boost to your confidence and self-esteem.  Its a small personal hurdle that is nice to have behind you.  (Though you will probably have to work on it for several sessions.)

While meditating in the dark is great for all the above ‘self- development’ reasons, it can also really add to your meditation experience.  This is because the pineal gland (located in the brain and considered your ‘third eye’,) is extremely light sensitive.  It is only when it is in absolute darkness that the pineal gland releases the most melatonin.  Melatonin is a brain chemical that stimulates the deepest sleep as well as a number of body regeneration processes.  It is a chemical that will also result in vivid dreams – sometimes even when meditating.  A good meditation session in complete darkness makes it more likely that you will experience some of the trippy visions that can make meditating so mysterious – and fun!

meditate in the darkIf being in the dark really freaks you out, you can always ask a friend (or a patient spouse) to try it with you.   Other tips include visualizing a golden circle around you, and saying a few affirmations such as ‘I am safe’ or ‘I only allow loving and peaceful thoughts into my bubble’.  Often it is not the DARK that people are afraid of, its the idea of being alone. If you think about it, and determine that you are one of those people, an affirmation like: “I can rely on myself”, or ‘I can handle any situation I find myself in’ will actually be the most helpful. (Sounds crazy – but these work!)  Playing some peaceful or relaxing music can also help you get over the hump as it will keep you from hearing ‘scary noises’ that the mind will run with.  Aim for 20 -30 min if you can, but if you’re a newbie I suspect the first time it will take that long to fully relax.

Give it a try, and see if you can handle it!  Please let me know in the comments below if you were able to meet the challenge, and how it effected your experience!  Good luck!