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Learn Hypnosis

Feb 18, 13 Learn Hypnosis

PeggyDaviesPeggy Kelly-Davies is an Award Winning Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor, and a Master Hypnotist Certified in Past Life Therapies.  She is currently offering a Certification program to become a consulting hypnotist.  You can use this to open your own practice, or to expand and integrate a current healing modality.

Basics include:

  • how to hypnotize
  • depth testing
  • writing hypnotic suggestions
  • emerging your client from hypnosis and much, much more!

This program prepares you to start seeing clients right away!

You will learn the art and science of hypnotherapy and how to set up and promote your practice.  

Then you will learn 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.

5-PATH®  provides you with the skill necessary to work with most problems that come into your office, including fears and phobias, addiction, psychosomatic illness, learning difficulties, sexual issues, trauma issues and much more.

What is 5-PATH 5-PATH™ is short for Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis™.  It is a systematic approach to conducting hypnotherapy that includes some of the most powerful techniques available to the modern professional Hypnotherapist.

Using these powerful techniques leads to positive and consistent results.  And because you learn to use these techniques consistently you become skilled and confident in their use.

Hypnosis ConnectionIndependent research has shown that graduates of this program are successful as this program goes beyond the basics so that you can succeed in the growing profession.

Ø      The tuition for this course is $1985.00 + hst.  Advanced enrollment will help guarantee you a seat in this information packed, fun and interesting course.  $500.00 deposit required. (Payment plans available)

Ø      Tuition includes manual and certificates.

Course consists of lecture, videos, demonstrations and practice time.

The next Certification Training Program is over 3 weekends, beginning January 11, 2013.
The exact dates are:
April 12,13,14,15  & 19,20,21
26,27,28 – 2013    (10 days total)
Email Peggy for More Info!

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