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WATCH: Feminine & Masculine Energy | The Holistic Event Network

WATCH: Feminine & Masculine Energy

Jan 21, 13 WATCH: Feminine & Masculine Energy

This is a great introductory video about the different masculine and feminine energies that surround us.  If you are experiencing any kind of blockage in your life, it can usually be traced back to one of these areas.  I know after watching the video you will be able to immediately identify people in your own life who have too much or too little of these energies.  Its easy to see.

It always takes a balance of masculine and feminine energy to create.  Whether its a baby or a business idea, a garden, a paper your writing, or even a social movement, creation always has a better successes when these two kinds of energy are in harmony.    Watch and see which ones are present or missing in your life.

FYI, Ian is a Tantric coach, so thats the angle of his perspective in this video, but the concepts easily apply across a number of different modalities.