Appreciating Health – Holistic Nutritionist Kimberly Ignas

Jan 14, 13 Appreciating Health – Holistic Nutritionist Kimberly Ignas

KimberlyignasKimberly Ignas, CNP, NNCP is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Appreciating Health.  Kimberly has taken an interesting journey to get to the place she is at now of which she truly believes that helping others discover their true health potential is her intended path.  Upon a person’s initial assessment, Kimberly studies the whole person which includes the foods a client consumes, the people they love, their lifestyle choices and even the shampoo they use.  Holistic Nutrition is all about the mind, body and spiritual connection.  The goal is to unify the physical, nutritional, environmental, spiritual and emotional components of one’s life.

Kimberly has developed 3 programs that she believes will cover anyone seeking her services;

  1. Sugar & Spice and Everything Baby Plan
  2. Simply Sweet Custom Plan
  3. True Health Potential Program 

Kimberly understands that clients are unique and for that reason, the above programs are a framework around which she build a customized plan.  No two are alike, as we are all different.  Clients can contact her with their ideas and challenges and together they can discuss how they can achieve their health goals. Consultations on a hourly basis are also available.

Kimberly currently operates her business from home in Bowmanville, but is willing to meet clients however is most convenient.  That may be at a coffee shop, in the cyber world via Skype, or even simply by telephone.  Along with nutritional consultations, Kimberly also has a number of superfoods and supplements that she recommends, available for clients to purchase.  On top of that she is also selling products she personally loves and enjoys so stay tuned, new and exciting things are happening in this Holistic Mother’s world that she doesn’t want you to miss out on.

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