Chakras – A Truth…

Jan 09, 13 Chakras – A Truth…
Each Chakra location appears to align with glands in the human body.

Each Chakra location appears to align with glands in the human body.

Chakras are an amazing segment of the spirituality and holistic health field.  For thousands of years, many ancient cultures practiced medicine and spiritual development using this concept of the human body.  Despite the massive amount of information and anecdotal evidence proving chakra work to be effective – I’ve been on the fence about it.  It just seemed very… ambiguous to me.  I was hung up on understanding how these areas were physically manifested in the body.  Especially since the locations of some chakra centres seemed to be in somewhat vague locations when compared to our organ systems.  I was also left unfulfilled when identifying a causal link between chakra centres and associated changes in our personality, emotions and attitudes.  I just couldn’t see how it all fit together.  Until now.

As you can see from the images and the chart that I’ve included in this post, the chakra centres each occupy different areas of the body, and are responsible for different feelings and psychological responses in our life.  Scientifically, how can this be?  After years of casually observing this field of study, I came across a YouTube video that blasted open the doors of understanding.  The title of the video wasn’t hiding anything, it was called: ‘Your Glands are the Chakras’.  At each chakra centre, (the purple, blue, orange etc. circles,) there are actually glands in our body that release hormones and chemicals that tell our body what to do.  This instantly resonated for me, and I can give you a great example to explain why.

chakra_color_chartThe red or ROOT chakra is located lowest in our body. Among other things it is considered to govern Fear.  When I look back at my life there have been occasions where I have felt a “flood of fear”, or a moment of terror, and I would absolutely describe it as a sensation spreading upwards into my gut ‘like a wave’ and then down into my legs, like a cold weakness that makes you ‘weak in the knees’.  Though I am not yet aware of the biological details of this physical process, I have personally felt a fear chemical be released from glands located in this lower chakra.  This experience has been repeated in my life in other chakra zones.  The blue chakra, the throat, governs ‘speaking the truth’.  I remember once in a marriage counselling session, I had been dancing around a personal issue that I did not want to discuss.  Finally, as I spoke the truth out loud for the first time, I felt myself ‘get choked up’ as my throat was suddenly so tight, it was difficult speak.  The throat is the seat of the thyroid which governs a host of different physical processes in the body, and in that situation, again, I could easily say that I felt it ‘activate’.  Whether it is love spreading out from our chest (thymus gland) or an insight of the mind that explodes out from our forehead (pineal gland), with awareness you could very easily be able to feel these chemical releases in your body.

Understanding now that chakras are related to these glands, it is possible to understand that many chakra based therapies and techniques could have a real physical impact on the body and mind.  Certain frequencies (energy medicine or crystal bowl therapies), scents (aromatherapy) or chemicals (herbs, or diet) may stimulate these glands, improving their function and the release of chemicals.  It is easy to see how an over-production of fear chemicals could lead to anxiety issues, that would be relieved through a calming of that chakra point, or the stimulation of another to counter-act the imbalance.  For me, this is the missing link that – now understood – legitimizes chakra work that previously seemed ambiguous.

Of course there are still going to be some practitioners who are not effective or lacking in skill and understanding.  But overall I think that it is possible that a lot of chakra based therapies could, scientifically, be found to be beneficial.  At any rate, I think experimentation should begin by looking at the effects of these modalities and therapies on the adrenal and glandular systems.


If you are interested in checking out some chakra balancing therapies, I highly recommend the Chakra Balancing Crystal Bowl Meditation at the Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing, and Sharon Young’s Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy and Massage Session.

Guided Chakra Meditation

If you would like to see the video from YouTube that triggered my ‘discovery’ its here: