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A Spirited Path – With Janet Miller | The Holistic Event Network

A Spirited Path – With Janet Miller

Jan 07, 13 A Spirited Path – With Janet Miller

a spirited postJanet Miller is a sought after Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Healer. Janet’s intuitive guidance and compassion serve to help her clients get to the heart of the matter and resolve painful issues that they have been struggling with, quickly and easily. With over 20 years working in the fields of Energy Therapy and Spiritual Healing, Janet has learned an advanced, cutting edge Energy Therapy named “ PSYCH-K” that helped her with her own blocks. As an Advanced Facilitator of this technique she helps her clients to painlessly and easily release limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have been keeping them stuck, so they were able to move forward, take action and create the lives they desired. Janet is grateful for these gifts that have been given by Spirit which enables her to help her clients to make the changes they want to make in their lives.

She offers Facial therapy, Crystal Therapy, various Energy therapies and Intuitive Coaching.

 janetMillerJanet has created a unique program, The Masks of Healing to help abused Women reconnect with their true selves. Life can be painful and often times put behind a mask for those that have experienced different types of abuse. She shares her journey of her own healing from abuse and brings hope to those that have felt disconnected and numb. She helps you unload the pain that has piled up on your soul. This program allows you to take off the bandage that has been there for so long, to allow light back in so you once again can shine. Each week builds upon the last and helps you come back to life. A full life, one that has been reconnected to your deepest truest essence that you thought was lost.

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