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Dragon’s Den Impacts Local Holistic Community! | The Holistic Event Network

Dragon’s Den Impacts Local Holistic Community!

Dec 06, 12 Dragon’s Den Impacts Local Holistic Community!

Tonica comes in 6 flavours incl. Blueberry, Peach, Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon & Lemon and Mango Passion

This past November, Zoey Shamai from Toronto took her Kombucha Tea drink to The Dragon’s Den.  The popular show on CBC  allows entrepreneurs to pitch their products in the hopes that the ‘Dragon’s’ will offer funding and business support.   Zoey was successful in pitching TONICA, a drink made from fermented tea called ‘komucha’.  The tea is attractive as it is an ancient, all natural, no preservatives, organic beverage who’s fermentation process creates a powerful culture of ‘good bacteria’.  The tea is excellent for improving digestion and boosting the body’s natural immunities.  With huge portions of the Canadian population having tummy trouble, komucha is ancient recipe that is timely once again.

Tonica is yet another product in a growing list of solutions that holistic nutritionists can now ‘prescribe’ to their patients.  Previously, drinks like kombucha tea have been nearly inaccessible to the public.  Nancy, a holistic nutritionist from Clarington’s Wellness Path explains: “As a practitioner, I can make a lot of recommendations to clients about how to eat better. But in the past, this often meant I would have to make a new food myself, or give my clients an unfamiliar recipe with unfamiliar ingredients and hope they follow through.  With holistic products like Tonica coming into the market, we have a much easier time introducing people to alternatives.  There are less barriers to success”.

Tonica sales have seen a huge boost since being featured on the Dragon’s Den, and Clarington’s Wellness Path is helping to lead the charge.  It has become an official distributor of the Tonica product and hopes that the ancient recipe in a modern bottle will find the people who need it.  Things are looking good so far, “Since the show we’ve had a number of people come in to our Centre asking to buy Tonica, we’ve been selling it by the case!”  The Wellness Path has all 6 flavours of the beverage on display, and is rushing to meet the demand.  “People don’t realize how narrow and restricted their diets are, so the holistic community is really pleased to see products like Tonica getting the support and funding that they need.  Because clearly there really is a market for it.”

To view Tonica’s Dragon’s Den Episode, follow this link!