Cause And Effect – A Comment on Reiki

Dec 03, 12 Cause And Effect – A Comment on Reiki

Some people believe that healing others robs them of the opportunity to heal themselves – and correct the root cause of illness.  Find out how local reiki healer, Christine Jefferies responds…

I was inspired to write this piece while watching video clips on YouTube.  With interest, I listened to Jaggi Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru, an Indian yogi and mystic.  He addressed his audience with humour, intelligence and wisdom in response to questions posed.  His answers were very thought provoking and enlightening.  In particular, I felt extremely challenged by his belief that people should not be healers.

I share in his belief that a problem experienced in the body or mind is an indication of a deeper situation within.  With some consideration, I also realized I share his belief that when a person is healed by manipulating energies and removing the symptom, that the potential for this person to manifest another problem or disease later in life, is extremely likely.  These instantaneous healings may not remove the cause.  Herein, lays the difference with Reiki.

The Reiki energy strives to bring into your awareness the cause of dis-ease in the body or mind.  When you are open to receiving the Reiki energy and willing to embrace the lessons provided to you, you are able to create your own environment of wellness, balance and harmony and remove the cause of the problem.  This will not be achieved overnight just as we did not become unwell overnight.  Often, while we go about this business of becoming aware, healings happen.  Clients have reported problems such as tinnitus, planter’s fasciitis, insomnia, muscle aches, migraines being healed while continuing their Reiki journey.

Reiki has its’ own wisdom and goes to where we need it most rather than where we think it should go.  It’s personal and unique to everyone.  As I continue to work with the Reiki energy on myself and with clients, I am respectful and inspired by the universal forces that we are living with every day.  Sadhguru challenged me to reaffirm my beliefs and knowledge of Reiki.  It was most welcome.

Christine Jefferies is a Reiki healer and teacher in the Pickering Area. She took her Reiki Master level in England, May 2010, with William Lee Rand from the International Centre for Reiki, and received her attunement within the inner circle at Stonehenge. If you would like more information about the courses offered by Christine, you can see them at her website:
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