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Using Music For Healing

Dec 01, 12 Using Music For Healing

The earth vibrates at approximately 7.8hz.

For the last couple of weeks I have been learning a lot about frequencies.  The frequency of thought, the frequency of prayer… It’s one of those fantastic areas of new age spiritual beliefs that can backed up by science.  The Earth for example, ‘hums’ at a frequency around 7.8hz.  An old television ‘hums’ along to about 60hz, and a new flat screen tv at about 120hz.  The music that we listen to on a CD or on the radio is ‘tuned’ to a ‘A note’ that vibrates at about 440hz – and here is where it gets interesting…

According to, as someone called it, the ‘dark side of the internet’ music USED to be tuned to a frequency of 432hz.  Old violins and cellos etc. play best at this frequency.  However during WW2, the German leadership standardized the use of a frequency of 440hz that was later adopted by other governments around the world.  This 440 hz frequency actually activates the ‘mind’ and thinking chakra, encouraging the development of the negative ego and creating a latent feeling of anxiety and unease.  At first this seemed strange to me – because I’ve listened to lots of music that makes me feel really good.  But when researching this topic, I found a series of songs on YouTube that had been ‘retuned’ via a computer software to play at 432hz.  And the difference was amazing.

Tibetan ‘Singing Bowls” play at frequencies that are considered to benefit different chakras in the body. They are already used in many yoga classes and meditation circles, supporting the idea that sound frequencies have an effect on the mind and body.

See, the frequency of 432hz, is better aligned with how we FEEL, rather than how we THINK and therefore effecting us at a different level.  The song sounds the same, but FEELS different.  Comments underneath these videos are a wealth of anecdotal evidence with claims that:  ‘the music sounds as though it is in my head, rather than coming through my ears‘ (~ Rodrigo Boos)  or  “WOW!  there is!!! there is a difference! 😀 i’m comparing both of them.. i thought that the difference was imperceptible at first.. I’m surprised’ (~Dominiquelizarzaburu).  In my own experience, I’ve found that the retuned songs relax me much deeper, and tend to ‘reset’ me emotionally.  Additionally, when I sing to them (and I am a terrible singer,) my voice resonated with the notes much better – that was something I could notice right away.

There are a number of artists who are trying to begin a movement to have music changed back to the 432hz standard.  And after listening to a number of the retuned songs, I can see why!  In fact, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened already.

If you are a holistic practitioner, I highly recommend listening to a few of the converted songs and see if you feel a difference.  If so, it might be worthwhile to consider putting together a selection of songs and playing them as background music when seeing clients.  Environment can have a powerful effect on the healing process, and this new frequency could help to further support your clients positive experience.

Below you can find a few of these songs, as well as some links to additional information.  Please leave a comment about your experience, and whether or not you perceived a difference!

This is a great video that shares more information about sound and vibration on the physical world.  This field of study is called: Cymatics.


Some of the more technical information about 432hz can be read about here: