Annemarie’s Yoga

Nov 18, 12 Annemarie’s Yoga

924 William Booth Cr. Oshawa, On
Annemarie’s Yoga Studio can be found in the heart of Durham Region, and provides a warm, intimate setting and supportive environment in which to explore your yoga practice.  Her small class sizes offer individual attention, adaption of asanas (poses) for all levels and are appropriate for all ages, body types and fitness levels.

In addition to her standard yoga practice, Annemarie also offers occasional Yoga Nidra classes, which are a unique experience in our area.  The practice of Yoga Nidra takes you into a deep state of relaxation while maintaining consciousness.  This allows your deepest levels of creativity and healing energies to come to the surface!  Practitioners emerge feeling rejuvenated, with one session of Yoga Nidra equal to approximately 3 hours of (fantastic) sleep!  This is a highly sought after class with limited space!

Annemarie also offers unique women’s ‘waterfall yoga retreats’ from June to September in beautiful Bracebridge, and is a writer for the Holistic Event Network Blog!

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